I’m working on a new series of necklaces and crowns.



New Show opening 23 March, not far from Amsterdam. More details to follow!

This show will include artists who work at, or are closely associated with, Vrij Glas and the movement in the Netherlands.
I’m looking forward to it, and to seeing new work by Scott Bennefield, Andrea Spencer, Therman Statom, Vincent Breed, Jim Harmon, Jeff Wallin, Marc Zirpel, and of course, Anna Carlgren and Durk Valkema, who are the heart and soul of Vrij Glas.

Sous-Terre  Vrij Glas Anne Gant show announcement

I am super excited to be selected for the exhibition of the Coburger Glaspreis. Opening April 12, 2014. One of the Chandelier pieces will be shown. I don’t have any photos yet, but here is the press release:


Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass 2014

Under the patronage of Mrs. Androulla Vassiliou,
member of the European Commission

Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg, Veranstalter Coburger Glaspreis 2014    Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung, Veranstalter Coburger Glaspreis 2014

Organized by Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg in combination with Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung

In recent years, many new aspects have come to enrich artists’ way of viewing glass as an art medium. Besides painstakingly designed objects, realised with the utmost precision, works with a more conceptual approach are becoming increasingly important.

With mobility taken for granted, national borders and specifics are disappearing. Europe has become the home for many artists from the US and Asia. New solutions for turning creative ideas in to reality are opening up, made possible by new production and processing techniques, the universal use of adhesives, and the utilisation of illuminating gases and LED technology. More and more painters, sculptors and concept artists are discovering glass as a material for their own work.

The exhibition of the Coburg Glass Prize, which is presented for the fourth time since 1977, aims to show current trends and orientations in modern art which use glass as their material in a comprehensive exhibition. To be seen are objects from European or artists living in Europe.

The objects will be selected by an international panel of judges and be presented from April 13th till September 14th 2014 in the galleries of the Veste Coburg and the European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental.

The photo judging round will take place on September 13 to 15 in Coburg. This decides which of the submitted works will be entered in the exhibition and competition. Following the photo round, the selected artists will be notified within a period of two weeks.

Awards ceremony

April 12, 2014


April 13 – September 14, 2014


Veste Coburg Art Collections
European Museum of Modern Glass

Participating artists

approx. 200

No. of works

approx. 250



Here are two installation shots from the drawing show at Swiss Art Space in Lausanne.  I showed 2 of my paper burnt with hot glass drawings in this exhibit. 



I’m in a small drawing show in Lausanne Switzerland which opens next weekend.

Swiss Art Space 2013 Drawing

20_Gant Ann_Drawing13




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