Thanks to Art Reveal Magazine for a nice article in this month’s issue. A great way to start the year!


This video cuts together the hot shop demos on opening weekend at the Corning Museum of Glass- made by the Corning Museum of Glass. A lot of great activity!

The music is from the group who did the opening score for Game of Thrones. They played live during the big opening.

Check out minute 1:09 to see the big heart I made for Corning, because i love them so! It was great to be there and I was very honored to be on the same floor with so many glass luminaries. Thanks everyone.


This coming weekend, Exhibit A will be showing work at Market Art + Design at Fairview Farm, Mecox, Bridgehampton.
The pieces are framed in beautiful dark maple. Looking forward to hearing how this new venture goes! I’ll post more photos once everything is installed.


Here’s a preview of the show that’s now at Exhibit A, TREASURED.

The opening was great, and it’s been nice and encouraging to hear from visitors. Thanks for stopping by! If you can’t make it to Corning, NY, here are a few photos from the exhibition. You can also ask the gallery owner for a password to see the full preview.

Anne Gant postcard shot front6h180

Check here for a new interview about the artwork process, and the show that is currently up at Exhibit A Gallery in Corning, NY: blog




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